Wiebke Schröder - Lille Ulven

Wiebke Schröder combines her love of adventure travel with a passion for photography. An enthusiastic cyclist, she has traveled the world with two wheels and a heavy backpack, stopping along the way to aim her lens and capture the moment. Her highly detailed images preserve the moment with candor and clarity.

She founded Lille Ulven Photography in 2013.
Born in Germany, Wiebke lives in Scandinavia.

You can find the stories of her travels, as well as introductions into photography and post-processing on her blog (link opens in a new tab).

2021 ...

2020 Runner Up in Outdoor Photography Issue 262 Nature up-close challenge

         Photo of the week 3. Februar, 2020 chosen by Storm Hour and The          Royal Meteorological Society

         Best of the Rest week 13. January, 2020 chosen by Storm Hour and The Royal Meteroligical Society

2018 Von Dörverden in die Welt" - Photoexhibition

         Runner up in the May 2018 issue of Outdoor Photography

2016 Graduate / New York Institute of Photography

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