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I just love the travel-stories of Kirk Ward Robinson - there is something to them that I cannot describe in words. But when you read his stories you are there with him or his characters. It just comes to life, you'll watch him plan his next day's adventure in the evening or see how hard it is to get on that mountain and it will be as if you were there right at the location and time with him or his charcater. Don't miss it - it is too good to missed!


I recently discovered Smokies Adventure when I was looking for some more information about a house, Dan Lawson's place, in Cades Cove that I had photographed during my first visit to the USA.
It turned out to be a great site about the cities around the Great Smoky Mountains but also the places inside the Great Smoky Mountain National park.
You can find a brief history of the native American - the Cherokee - settlers as well as a brief history about the experiences of the later settlers. But it also gives you information about what to do in the area, where to stay, where to eat.
So if you are planning to visit the Great Smoky Mountains this site is a great point to start making your plans.


How to truly include people with handicaps into the daily life? How to make yourself understand with them? How to raise handicapped children so that they can be a part of society and grow up to their best abilities? If you need help with that you might want to look at this German page: PerspektiWechsel

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