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Road Prong

Sevier County, Chimney Tops Trail, Tennessee, United States of America Road Prong River goes close to the Road Prong Trail, which already was old when the Cherokee used it. It connects Clingmans Dome Road with Chimney Tops Trail. Road Prong Trail is the oldest known Indian Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and was until 1920, when the Newfound Gap Road was built, the only road over the Smokies. uuid="B6F0025E-30FC-485A-9B01-D6B3EC9C12F2" id="United States of America 20130906_080505_US_Tennessee_Chimney Tops Black and White"

AppalachianChimney Tops TrailFuji Neopan ACROS 100Great Smoky MountainsGreat Smoky Mountains National ParkPortfolioPortfolio_BWRAWRAW presharpeningRoad Prong RiverSevier CountySouthTennesseeTheGreatOutdoors2015US United States of Americaadventureadventure holidayall rights reservedbankbicycleblackblack and white photographybluebrownculturedaylightdigitally enhancedenvironmentfilm typeforestfresh watergenregreenhigh mountainshighlandhillholidaylandscapelightmorningmorning lightmorning sunmountain forestmountain rangemountain rivermountainousmountainsidenational parknaturenature photographyriverriverbedriversiderockseasonskyslopesummersunsunlightsunshinetraveltravel photographytreelinevacationwaterwater

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