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Vikingships in Roskilde, Denmark

Roskilde, Region Zealand, Denmark The museum houses 5 Vikingships, which were all part of a barrier system in the Roskildefjord, near a village called Skuldelev, which made it possible to control the sea routes to Roskilde in the late Viking Age, when Roskilde was one of Denmark’s great royal and ecclesiastical cities. To create the barrier the ships were filled with stones and sunk in Peberrenden on the most direct route to Roskilde. A thousand years later the ships were excavated and restored and are now part of the Vikingeskib Museet. We spent almost three hours in the museum, time really passed fast, before we made it back to our bikes. uuid="738372DC-727A-42BA-85C2-A439DE5A4119" id="Denmark Denmark"

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