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Generator House in Atnbrua (HDR)

Sollia, Atnbrua, Hedmark, Norway Atnbrua is located at the end of the Atnsjøen lake. It is an old mountain village and passage going back into the 1600s. The small building in the photo shows the generator house, which was build in 1943, before the area was connected to the electricity network. During WWII there was a shortage of parafin, so the generator house was build to house a generator to provide the fourty households of Sollia with electricity until in 1948 the area was connected to the electricty network. uuid="A666AA5C-6167-47D0-8B0C-FB238A34729F" id="Norway lilleulven.com 20150707_110646_NO_Hedmark_Atnbrua__www.LilleUlven.com_BW_HDR.tif Artistic HDR Lilleulven.com"

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