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Evening in Belltown, Seattle (HDR)

Belltown, Seattle, Washington • United States The skyline of Seattle's Waterfront taken from the roof of Pier 66. Currently there is quite some construction work ongoing as the Alaskan Way is to be routed differently in the future to give room for a greener waterfront. I am looking forward to hopefully returning to Seattle in the future and then being able to see the green park-like waterfront as well. From the plans that I saw when I went up to the Sky Observatory I do believe this is going to be a huge improvement. uuid="DBF43205-A45E-4EA5-8B07-F088C6186613" id="United States of America lilleulven.com Evening_in_Belltown__Seattle_United_States_Washington_Seattle_www.LilleUlven.com_20160404_194348.tif HDR Lilleulven.com"

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