High Dynamic Range - Selection - Lille Ulven
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River Mya near Venabu (HDR)

Venabu, Ringebu, Oppland, Norway HDR processed photo of the river Mya near Venabu, Norway. This photo is made out of 5 exposured and an artistic template, to create the strong look in the colors. uuid="8C0DD7F8-32B3-4974-8AD0-9F0A42467F95" id="Norway lilleulven.com 20150709_100249_NO_Oppland_Ringebu_River_Mya_near_Venabu_(HDR)_www.LilleUlven.com.tif Artistic HDR Lilleulven.com"

HDRPortfolioPortfolio_HDRPreselection_HDRRestricted to Photocourse participants Venabu 2015all rights reservedgenrewww.LilleUlven.com

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