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Panorama over the mountains of the Venabufjell

Venabygdsfjellet, Venabu, Oppland, Norway The mountain to which the ski tracs seems to lead is the Muen of 1024 meters, the best known mountain of the Venabufjellet. To the left of it in the foreground are Søre (Southern) Bølhøgda, Midre (Middle) Bølhøgda, Nordre (Northern) Bølhøgda and the Svartehammeren (Black Hammer). In the background between the Søre and Midre Bølhøgda you can spoyt the Ramstindene and Ramshøgda.
This Panorama photo was created out of 11 single portrait-formatted photos. uuid="51B6946D-2C9B-4710-BE1E-F97324205757" id="Norway Panorama_over_the_mountains_of_the_Venabufjell_Norway_Oppland___20160312_140659_00470-2-2.dng Panorama"

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