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Prohodna Cave (God's Eye) - Пещера "Темната дупка"

Karlukovo, Lovech, Bulgaria The Prohodna passage is located near Karlukovo in the Karlukovo Gorge, which is a tributary gorge of the larger Iskar Gorge. Once upon a time Prohodna was an even longer cave, but parts of its ceiling have collapsed over the years. Even today the ceiling is getting thinner and thinner, so one day in the future there will no longer be a cave but a valley instead. On our way back to the Small Entrance (Малкият) we enjoy finding black riders, Scream and other „creatures“ in the rocks along the walls. But of course we cannot overlook what is called „God’s eyes,“ the windows or Oknata, in the ceiling that are shaped like a pair of eyes. When it is raining outside these eyes seem to be crying and during the spring equinox the sun can shine through these Oknata illuminating a small body of water – granted it is sunny outside then. Traces of prehistorical inhabitation have been discovered within the cave, so maybe it was used for religious rituals during the equinox too? Today only our blue wizard is trying his luck in addressing the masses, they are seamingly unflattened by his performance though. uuid="F7A49D40-8C47-478D-8E44-DB6EE745C63C" id="Bulgaria lilleulven.com _K3_2714.DNG "

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