Chasing the Light - Iceland Selection - Lille Ulven
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Looking over Skarðsfjördur toward Breiðabunga

Vestrahorn, Stokksnes, Eastern Region / Austurland • Iceland We are about to leave for a much deserved coffee stop when I am spotting the foothills of Breiðabunga, the glacialcomplex to which also Breiðamerkurjökul belongs - all part of the Vatnajökul National Park. Thankfully my travelmates are patient and waiting for me to finish even the last photograph, though we all are looking forward to some Icelandic Waffles in the nearby cafe. uuid="4892EB32-6EDA-4A9A-AE20-6292DF3BA380" id="Iceland _K3_10553-2-2-2.dng Iceland"

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