Chasing the Light - Iceland Selection - Lille Ulven


Skeiðarársandur, Bölti, Eastern Region / Austurland • Iceland Looking back toward Skeiðarársandur and Skeiðarárjökull as well as Öræfajökull. The volcano beneath these glaciers has had only two erruptions in modern history, one in the 1300s and one in the 1700s. But it is not death yet, actually there has been some activity ongoing lately again. The more difficult part with this volcano is that there are no records about the previous erruptions, so nobody knows what to expect. Of course, Katla and Breiðabunga have also shown some signs of activity lately and just a day ago the people of Höfn were gathered to discuss what might happen in an emergency. If one of those volcanos errupts they have about 20 minutes to evacuate. uuid="ECBEDE2B-AC72-4BAA-A726-B5358E00056E" id="Iceland _K3_11162.dng Iceland"

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