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Krudttårnet - The Gun Powder Tower

Frederikshavn, North Denmark Region, Denmark Krudttårnet (The Gun Powder Tower) was the central building within the citadel (fortress) Fladstrand, which was build in the end of the 1600s. Additional to its function to store gun powder the tower was also used as a platform for canons. Frederikshavn, which was then called Fladstrand, was at that time still not a town but a fishing village. The sea outside of Fladstrand constituted the northern part of the best anchoring place on the eastern coast for large ships, which were looking for shelter from bad weather before they were to pass through the dangerous waters around Skagen. The citadel was therefor build as a supporting point for the sailing between Denmark and Norway. During "Den Store Nordiske Krig" (one of many wars between Denmark and Sweden) in the beginning of the 1700s the fortress had therefor a huge strategic meaning. The famous sea hero Peder "Tordenskjold" Jansen Wessel used often Fladstrand as his base. During the Kanonbådskrigen against England (1807-1814) the citadel was of a central importance. Danish merchant boats used its shelter under its canons against the english fleet, but the Krudttårn was also used as a base and regional main quarter for canon boats in between their attacks on british boats. Originally the tower was placed free on a isthmus, which stuck out into the Kattegat. Later, after the tower had lost its defense-strategic importance this changed drastically. The fishing village Fladstrand became the merchant and industrial town of Frederikshavn with an according harbor. The sea around the old citadel was filled up and the Krudttårnet was squeezed between the towns new big working places - at modern shipyard. That is why in 1974 the decision was made to move the Krudttårnet to the position it has now, 270 meters from its original place. The moving of the tower took 13 month and the tower was moved in one piece. On August 5th 1976 the Krudttårnet was reopened for visitors. Source uuid="1A16F485-93B1-4DD0-9EE9-96A225D4BD68" id="Denmark 20140720_202409_DK_North Denmark Region_Frederikshavn_Krudttårnet - The Gun Powder Denmark"

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