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Hochmoor / Farmer's swamp in Tiste

Tiste, Niedersachsen, Germany There are two types of moors, the "Niedermoor", which you will find in hollows, where the groundwater table is too high for the surface to fall dry and the Hochmoor, which is build from rainwater that cannot evaporate but accumulates instead. The Hochmoor in Tiste is a re-naturated one, due to man-build channels the original moor had fallen dry over time but in recent years efforts were made to re-naturate the area as a Moor is also a huge CO2 saving space, and a place for birds like cranes who do not have too many other areas to "settle". uuid="CB6069B9-240B-426B-A090-1C71BA51ACAB" id="Germany _K3_0921.dng Germany"

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