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Verden (Aller), Niedersachsen, Germany The cathedral of Verden is the first gothic cathedral of Lower Saxony and it is the only one that is a episcopal church. It replaces two wooden churches, which burned down in 850 and 950 and two stone churches which suffered from the same fate in the 11th and 12th century. The building of today's cathedral was done in two construction stages, of which the first one lasted from 1290 until 1323 and the second one lasted from 1473 until 1490. The mainentrance is usually closed so the access is given through a side door from the Lugenstein, which then leads through a cloister. The architecture of this cathedral is based losely on the architecture of the cathedral of Reims and the cathedral of Minden. uuid="E5CB99C7-ED1A-4233-8FF9-B05F9796EE27" id="Germany _Germany_Niedersachsen_Verden_(Aller)__20160101_132147_00037-2.dng Germany"

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