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Lugenstein in Verden (Aller)

Verden (Aller), Niedersachsen, Germany The forecourt of the cathedral in Verden, Lugenstein, was until the 9th century used as a place of justice. The name is said to come from its former name "Loegstein" which can be translated as "Lügenstein" / "Stone of Lies". When Karl the Great "hold justice" over the none-christian 4500 saxons of the area, he is said to have stood in the place of the Lugenstein. uuid="4EADA0D1-7A1D-4A97-9F1F-85FB155B3D9C" id="Germany Lugenstein_in_Verden_(Aller)_Germany_Niedersachsen_Verden_(Aller)__20160101_131138_00019-2.dng Germany"


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