In Search of Autumn - Selection - Lille Ulven

Sherrill Cove Tunnel, Blue Ridge Parkway

Swain County, Cherokee, North Carolina, United States of America Sherrill Cove Tunnel on the Blue Ridge Parkway has an average elevation of 932 metres (3,058 feet). The Blue Ridge Parkway has 26 tunnels of which 25 are located in North Carolina. I had been too deep in my own thoughts to notice the light and the colors on this tunnel when Solo mentioned it to me, wondering why I hadn't asked him to stop. We thought to see if the next tunnel after this would give us the same kind of light and colors, but when it did not Solo turned the car around and took me back to Sherrill Cove Tunnel so that I could get the best fall colors photographed taht we had seen since our search for fall colors had started. uuid="7181D30C-93DB-47A7-93BA-675AD225A9E2" id="United States of America _K3_3492-2-2-2-2-2.dng South-Eastern USA"

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