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Blackberry - Rubus 'futicosus'

Sindal, North Denmark Region, Denmark Deciduous or semi-evergreen, intensely prickly shrub, often forming dense patches. Stems Rooting at tips. Leaves Palmate. Fruits Black, hardly pruinose (with a bloom). Distribution Native. Common throughout British Islands. Habitat Woodlands, hedgerows, scrub, commons, heaths, cliffs. (All Europe.) Flowers May-September. Note Rubus 'fructicosus' is an aggregate name for a large number of 'apomictic' (producing viable seed without fertilization) 'microspecies'. Over 320 different 'microspecies' have been named from the British Islands; no attempt is made to deal with these individually here. Source: Collins Flower Guide, David Streeter, HarperCollins Publishers, London 2009 pg 246 (picture pg 247) uuid="2601BD4B-2061-466E-8A48-1E1132BE52B4" id="Denmark Plant Macro"

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