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Dandelions - Taraxacum spp.

Vestvågøya, Nordland, Norway Dandelions - Taraxacum spp. Usually glabrous perennials. Like hawkweeds, they are apomicts and pose the same problems of identification. There are currently 232 species recognised in the British Islands; as with the hawkweeds, no attempt is made to deal withe these here. Stems Leafless flowering stem arises from basal leaf rosette. Leaves All in basal rosette. Flowering Heads Solitary; involucral bracts in 2 different rows; receptacle bracts absent. Fruits Pappus in several rows of simple white hairs (the dandelion ‘clock’). Habitat Native species occur in chalk grassland, fens, flushes, steam sides, sand-dunes, cliffs. Most introduced species are abundant plants of disturbed ground such as roadsides, pastures, gardens, waste ground. Distribution More than 40 species are endemic, 100-plus are probably introduced, and the remainder are native. Throughout British Island. Flowers March-October Source: Collins Flower Guide, David Streeter, HarperCollins Publishers, London 2009 pg 492/493 uuid="8BD71E56-B7DB-469B-ACCF-3B2C8A878656" id="Norway Plant Macro"

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